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What is the SHC Partner Program?

The SHC Partner Program is a unique business model offering great benefits for our partners and their clients:

Maximise your earning potential by joining our partner program and increase profitability by creating your own insurance portal.

We can help you run your own online insurance portal to broaden the services available for your customers. By using our software there’s no need to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of developing your own secure software solution and applying for a financial licence.

  • Your Company
  • Shared commission
  • Branded insurance portal
  • Easy sign up
  • Monthly reports
  • SHC Insurance Brokers
  • Shared commission
  • Online insurance products
  • We take care of everything
  • We send you reports every month
  • Your Customer
  • Get insurance on your site
  • Get great insurance savings
  • Get a choice of insurance policies
  • Simple online process


How can the SHC Partner Program benefit my

business & clients?

Setup is simple and fast!
Your customers are able to instantly compare multiple quotes from leading insurers and you will get a commission regardless of which policy they purchase online. Easy set up - we take care of everything and report your monthly earnings. A great and simple way to monetise your website.
Customers get instant cover and immediate access to their policy documents. It only takes a matter of minutes, simple and easy.

“We have found SHC’s service to be exceptional. The personalised service helped us get the partnership solution we needed for our business.”

“Even though we are a smaller company, SHC treated us as though we were their only client.he customer service showed us that we were important to them.”

“Our business is growing and we are so glad we chose to partner with SHC.”